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I survived!!

In preparation for The Phoenix Summit Challenge we stepped up the training a bit. We did 2 mountains this time, Lookout Mountain and North Mountain.

I would like to be able to tell you the trails we took but since they are not marked very clearly, I have no idea. What I do know is that Lookout Mountain was much more pleasant compared to Squaw Peak from the first hike. Having remembered at least some of the items from The Idiots Guide we were off to a much better start.
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It is the last week of school which means it is your last chance to kiss some administrative butt to help ensure that your kid doesn’t receive Mrs. Cranky or Ms. Burntout for next years teacher.

We just happen to go to a public school that is run on the Montessori system, which means my kids switches teachers for several subjects through out the day/week. So I don’t need to just kiss one teacher’s butt. I have to kiss many many butts. Unfortunately my wallet cannot handle that much butt kissing so I go the homemade route.

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I apologize for my complete shittyness. I promise promise promise I will have my shit together soon. But in lieu of that, I offer the following excuses;

My 6 year old had tournament for baseball
Then I had second day of hiking training (not to worry update is coming)
THEN I leave hiking to meet the family at the lake for a weekend camp out
Only to return home Sunday evening to find my son’s pet lizard is dead…..(yep, i will have something for you on that one too)
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Ode to Mother’s Day

I think it would be fair to say that I grew up in a non-traditional family. Maybe I under-estimate the dysfunction of other people’s families but I like to think I survived the chaotic mess that was my childhood where others may have not. I picture myself as this wannabe-pretty tomboy, ratty hand-me-downs and worn out high tops (with triple velcro!) but my hair was always done beautifully and my face was always clean. In this vision, I am buried deep under a pile of messy parenting and bad parental life choices. But I climb my way up (not with any grace or finesse) and reach the top where I receive all 10’s from the judges
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Should pregnant chicks get some on Mother’s Day

Apparently it is up for debate – I am sure the only douche debating this is a guy – whether pregnant women should get a little something something on Mother’s Day?

The super douchey douche on the radio this morning said, and I quote,”They haven’t done anything motherly and there is no physical proof that she is a mother.” So no, his pregnant wife/girlfriend/loved one will not be getting anything for mother’s day.

Let’s take this little gem, one idiotic statement at a time, shall we.

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Kicking the Bucket List

If you have ever lost someone close to you and had to go into their home afterwards and start the overwhelming process of boxing up all of their stuff, you will understand the need of this list.  If you have been lucky enough to not experience this particular task let me give you a quick run down of how it works.

Grandpa dies. You are very sad, you miss Grandpa and wish you had more time, wish you had done more, been more. You are grieving. Your Mom, however, just lost her Dad. So her grief seems to trump yours by volumes. Mom says “Grandpa’s house needs to get packed up. We need to get the house ready to sale….I just don’t know if I can do it,” with tears in her eyes. Now like any good child, your heart rips open a little bit at the first sign of water in dear old mom’s eyes. Maybe it is left over guilt from all the horrible things we did as children or maybe
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