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Child make over

If you read my post about organizing the Tupperware cabinet, you know that my not having a job is taking its toll on my sanity. What started out as a “lets fix this house up” mission has spilled over to the children.

It is fair to say thatĀ I seek out ways to make my life miserable chaotic busy, so why not decide RIGHT NOW is the best time to “help” the kids kick some annoying habits?
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The company I was working for fell into some hard financial times and as a result I now find myself without a job.

I am not one of those girls that LOVES being a housewife. I don’t feel the need to make my husband cute little lunches and send him out the door like I am his mother. I don’t look forward to pushing my kids off to school so I can organize the linen closet. And I most certainly do not consider to-do lists, or lists of any kind, akin to foreplay.

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Death becomes her

I struggled with the idea of reveling too much information about my personal life, where I live, kids names, stuff like that. But to truly understand what it is we are doing here. The pain we are putting ourselves through…the torture we are putting each other through, you have to know some personal information. So with that said, if you read this and think “she can’t even hike such and such mountain without nearly dying, I think I can stalk her and kill her,” to that I say….
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