Dixie Peak

Because I believe in irony, and karma, I decided to see what hiking with a hangover was like. And because I believe in masochism I woke up nauseous at 2:00 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep.

Only able to occasionally learn from history, I did remember to use the restroom prior to hiking, because frankly nothing will clear the colon like 6 Cuba Libres – Rum & Coke with a lime for those of you who don’t drink or read Hemingway.
We agreed to meet up at 5:30 at what was described by the challenge organizer as “a social hike” spot. Although the organizer did admit that she found the hike challenging when she tested it for the challenge.

wpid-IMAG1085.jpgI once again have to ask the question, who do they call these grueling hikes “social” or some other word that makes you think you can do it WHILE drinking a coffee? I mean really, isn’t that the definition of social? This wasn’t social. I won’t say it was harder than Squaw Peak – which apparently is my litmus test of difficulty – but it was a bit challenging. While Squaw Peak was almost entirely made up of loose rocks and boulders that create large steps, Dixie peak is nice enough to offer a nice mix of steep path and loose rock. While it does have the stair step feature they are not as deep of steps as Squaw Peak. So in summary – harder than Squaw Peak but easier than North Mountain.


Thankfully, Mother Nature decided to give us a break and replaced our 109 degree heat with a slightly breezy, overcast, drizzly day. It was perfect! The lucky break on the weather and the amazing views that Dixie Peak had to offer quickly made this our new favorite summit.


I don’t know if it was the unexpected difficulty of the mountain or the fact that we were both still a tad drunk but this particular hike was made that much more difficult by our random and violent fits of delirious laughter. Speaking of which, it was a bit weird but I did feel like the altitude was higher or the air was thinner or some other thing that makes it difficult to breathe. Maybe our brains were oxygen deprived and that translated into us laughing like annoying little school girls the whole way up the mountain.

Either way, it was questionable, but we did finally make it to the top. I did notice once again that we are making progress. Instead of complaining and partially dying the entire way up the mountain, barely making it to the top, where we try not to collapse and beg for mercy. We mildly bitched the whole way up the mountain, quietly cursing the top for being so far. BUT once we reached the top the complaining quickly turned to “oh, wow! That was not bad at all.” and then we immediately start planning what we are going to eat……

Our little gift at the top of the mountain

Until next time!

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