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Child make over

If you read my post about organizing the Tupperware cabinet, you know that my not having a job is taking its toll on my sanity. What started out as a “lets fix this house up” mission has spilled over to the children.

It is fair to say that I seek out ways to make my life miserable chaotic busy, so why not decide RIGHT NOW is the best time to “help” the kids kick some annoying habits?
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It is the last week of school which means it is your last chance to kiss some administrative butt to help ensure that your kid doesn’t receive Mrs. Cranky or Ms. Burntout for next years teacher.

We just happen to go to a public school that is run on the Montessori system, which means my kids switches teachers for several subjects through out the day/week. So I don’t need to just kiss one teacher’s butt. I have to kiss many many butts. Unfortunately my wallet cannot handle that much butt kissing so I go the homemade route.

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Update on the Bee Bucks

Happy Friday!!!! Before I get too drunk let me use the inspiration I have today to update you on how the first week back to Bee Bucks went.

If you have NO CLUE what I am talking about, hop over to Money Buys Obedience and the rest of us will wait for you to catch up……
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Money Buys Obedience

**** UPDATED: Added sample of my BBuck design*****

It is no secret that I have been struggling with my 6 year olds behavior. One of the methods we have used in the past that seems to work is money! Sort of.

I created my own money when my sisters were little (there is a 15 and 20 year age gap between me and them) and I used that as their consequence & reward system when they were with me. They LOVED it! So when I had my own kids, I kept it going.
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Parenting Pride


As parents, we reserve the right to annoy our friends and family with stories about how smart/gifted our child(ren) are. “Little Timmy walked right up to me and asked why dogs don’t have belly buttons!  I mean really, he is only 4 and such a creative thinker. Do you think we should enroll him in veterinary camp this summer?” And we stand there beaming with pride while our friends mentally panic over an appropriately supportive response to our delusion. Sometimes though, we like to use this right for evil. We want to show our superior parenting skills over our friends, “Bobby is already starting to read, why just the other day he….Oh, but don’t worry about your little Jacob, I mean I am sure it is normal for some 2 year olds to still not know any letters of the alphabet….just, have you mentioned it to your pediatrician?”

Well! MY first grader received his SECOND out of school suspension today! So suck on that June Cleaver. Second!!! That is parenting done right!

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